Welcome to Bloem Consulting Services, where we specialize in providing expert research and analysis of political and socio-economic environments, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to helping our clients understand the complex issues that impact their operations in the region. We provide in-depth research on international relations, politics, and economic landscapes, as well as specific policy analysis at the national, regional, and continental levels, and in foreign policy.

Thematically, we conduct research on topics such as climate change and sustainable development, healthcare, gender, conflict, and human rights, among a wide array of other subject matters.

Our goal is to provide clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions and succeed in their operations in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Fowzia is a fantastic analyst and an extremely rare asset to any intelligence team. She repeatedly produced in-depth analysis with appropriate and actionable second and third order effects. Her products are timely, concise, tactical, and informative and she clearly understand the need for deductive and predictive analysis. She remains one of the best analysts I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

It has been such a pleasure to work with Fowzia on projects. She manages projects comprehensively from beginning to end, with the necessary attention to detail and takes ownership for the project’s success. If South Africa had more Fowzia’s, more communities would be prospering and thriving.

“I had the privilege of working with Fowzia for nearly 6 months in 2021. On a professional level, I was blown away by her attention to detail and innovation. Fowzia is not shy to get her hands dirty. One of her greatest strengths is her passion for the communities. She has the rare skill and capability to entrench herself into the communities. She knows when to be tough and how to have thick skin; yet she always knows how to be humble, kind, listen and have a good heart. On a personal level, Fowzia has the kindest heart and brings a sense of warmth into any team.”

I have the rare privilege of witnessing the emergence of one of the truly remarkable young South Africans and voices of her millennial generation. In her short career, she has developed a strong reputation as an insightful; thorough; problem-solving and outcomes-based analyst whose understanding of in-country and regional socio-political-economic contexts have given clients a reliable and advantageous perspective.

We have relied on her counsel and consultancy at various times over the last 5 years in her various capacities: building an agri-investment footprint in a competitive channel to market; requiring her E-knowledge in developing an ESG platform; assessing the integrity risks associated with international trade in developing regions and navigating the tricky public sector terrain in South Africa in various industries. We are pleased to learn that her collective experience and expertise will in future be housed in Bloem Consultancy, which offers a suite of consultancy services and access to other experts. We are pleased to continue our future professional engagements with Bloem Co. and share in their success.

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